How To Be Happy

I’m no expert, and I know that, but I’ve found that certain things make me feel so much lighter and happier every day while I’m going through my routine, so I thought it might help to share them.

During yoga one morning, my instructor told us to lift the corners of our mouths into a smile and to find a peaceful happiness in our practice, and she said that yoga isn’t about straining or forcing your body into results.  My face was clenched and we were twisting in a pose, so when I started to smile, I relaxed completely and I was able to enjoy the moment.  Now, whenever I’m feeling tense at work, or any time I get stressed, I remind myself to smile.  The act of smiling changes my attitude and my demeanor so positively that I think it’s one of the best ways to turn a bad day around.  Yoga is also one of the best ways.  It teaches you to let things go and live in the present.  Breathing deeply and being attentive to your body and mind is the best care for yourself.  I think it also helps you focus on what is important by clearing your mind of all your daily troubles.

People post yoga videos on Youtube and people without a gym membership, like me, can watch them for free and follow the videos in their own homes.  I stumbled upon an awesome Youtube yoga video by a girl named Adriene, and she shared something insightful that I think about all the time.  The pose is lying on your back with your knees in towards your armpits, holding on to your feet in “happy baby” pose.  She told us to roll forward and backward, and she laughed and said this part of the practice reminds her to have a sense of humor in life because it makes you look and feel like a ridiculous child.  I’ve ruminated over it many times when something small happens during the day that I would have normally overlooked, but instead I laugh out loud and enjoy it.  I think about it again later and laugh again at some of the small, funny things that happen, but usually get passed by.  Instead of getting frustrated at people’s quirkiness or stressed about little problems, I feel entertained and much more pleasant.  Finding humor in little things is freeing.  Like getting stuck walking home in the rain, or noticing someone furiously picking their nose on the train.  Just laugh and think, “Isn’t life interesting, and aren’t I so lucky to have a front row seat?” Be lighthearted and be compassionate towards others and you’ll be happy with yourself, or at least that’s what I’m discovering.













Finding happiness and working towards inner peace together,



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