One Person’s Garage Sale is My Treasure Trove

table find


I bought this table and four chairs for 45  bucks at a garage sale!! Driving past a sign, I felt compelled to turn and check out the sale, just to see, and I found this gem.  It was priced at $50 and I wanted the table enough for my negotiating skills to go slack, but still, I think it was an incredible steal.  I had to borrow a suburban to fit the kitchen set, but I realized when I was returning to pick it up, I forgot the exact address.  I drove around for about half an hour before I found the sale again to take home my prize.  It was well worth it.  Here is how much the set costs at retail, compare and contrast:


Table found at houzz

Chairs found at IKEA


Let’s do the math: $347 + (4 x $79) = $663.00

I saved 618 dollars.

Now, I want to share a treasure from another type of sale.  The wonderful things that can be found at an estate sale are surprisingly abounding, and it’s so rewarding to recognize something valuable among heaping piles of junk.  If you haven’t tried stopping in estate sales, I seriously recommend trying it, if not for one day of entertainment.  At a “5 dollar bag sale” (where you fill plastic bags with anything and everything being sold, and the whole bag costs $5) my mom and I posed in multiple fur coats and ended up buying a bunch of them.  I’ve bought an elf costume to dress like “elf on the shelf” around Christmas, I’ve bought CocaCola glassware, a Kitchen Aid mixer, a tiny portable grill that looks like a magic 8-ball, a putting green with putter, a sofa table/wine rack, and so much more.

This table was found recently at an estate sale on half-price day, and it cost me $5.  I wish I had a ‘before’ picture because the table top was white and the wine rack was neon, bright pink, and the whole thing had a dust-covered fake vine of plastic flowers woven all over it.  After depleting a can of chalk spray paint and about four other black spray paint cans that were already low, I came out with this beautiful sofa table.  It’s awesome to store wine and wine glasses, plus it’s so fun to show guests and watch them get creative with chalk.  It’s also great for leaving messages for someone.  Can you tell I love this table?

wine table

The gorgeous catch-all tray and picture frame were grad gifts from family friends, so special thanks.  Here is what some creative friends did with the top:

wine table art

Love it.



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