My Personal Frida

                                                       Seth Rogen or Frida Kahlo?

seth frida

Both.  I laughed so hard when my mom shared this on my Facebook saying, “Even Seth loves Frida!” so much so that he made it his profile picture.  The Frida Kahlo craze is constantly relevant, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I posted about Frida Kahlo in the past, but it was more informational about her life than really about my love for her.  Remember this painting?

photo 6

I loved the colorful painting I found while researching Frida for my article, so my mom bought a small canvas of the painting as a graduation gift for me (it’s called “Frida Kahlo – Seeing Color” by artist Sharon Cummings, and I love it!).  She also bought me Frida Kahlo playing cards.  And she also worked her artistic magic and made me a Frida canvas of her own.  She’s amazing, isn’t she? (Both my mom and Frida.)

photo 5  photo 1

photo 2

I bought this blank Frida Khalo card at an art fair and plan to leave it in the plastic forever for display…unless I meet someone who matches my love for Frida and feel compelled to write them a beautiful card.

photo 4

My all time favorite Frida piece is a fabric Frida flag I hung in my house junior year of college.  Anyone who entered our house would end up drawing their best rendition of Frida, to be hung alongside her on our closet.  We became the Frida house.  Anyone who asked, “Who’s that man-looking lady with a unibrow and a monkey?” received my shocked facial expression and the response, “You don’t know who Frida Kahlo is?? Only one of my favorite artists.  Let me tell you all about her.  Try to draw her if you want.”  At the end of our senior year, with the Frida flag hanging  above our couch, we played a game where rules were made up to substitute numbers, and one of my roommates made the rule for number 1 that you have to bow to the flag and say, “Forever Frida,” as a tribute.  It was hilarious with all of us bowing to her, and the acquaintances who didn’t quite understand the joking love of Frida awkwardly and cultishly following along.  I hope I spread the love of Frida far and wide, and for the people I share her with to share her with others.


Forever Frida,



One thought on “My Personal Frida

  1. I love that your Mom bought you one of my art pieces of Frida. Could you please credit me under the image…..”Frida Kahlo – Seeing Color” by artist Sharon Cummings. Thank you!

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